Spirit Paperweight

Product information

Remember a loved one or pet by incorporating a small amount of cremated ash into our handmade glass.
Langham Glass is delighted to introduce our new range “Forever into Glass” consisting of Glass Paperweights, Bowls and Jewellery.  This is a service we have carried out for years but we have now decided to promote this service further.  Each piece is handmade by our team of glassmakers in Norfolk.  Using just a small amount of cremated ash, we can incorporate these into one of our memorial designs to create a lasting memory.  
How “Forever into Glass” is created.
All we require is a small amount of ash to create your beautiful memorial piece.  Once we have received your ashes they are treated with the utmost respect and care and each piece is made privately in our factory. The ashes are mixed with your chosen colour and the molten glass is then layered together encapsulating the ashes within the glass.  The pieces are then sculpted or blown depending on your choice of item.  You can book a private viewing of your “Forever into Glass” being made at an additional £30.00 where one of our craftsmen will talk you through the whole process.
Each piece is hand finished in our finishing room.  The glass memorial piece is signed by our master glassmaker and holds the Union Jack and Langham Glass sticker.  The Jewellery memorial items are all made of Sterling silver and hallmarked. Each piece is gift boxed carefully ready for collection or postage. 
How to order

To order, complete the checkout process on our website, we will then post you a personalised confirmation pack containing a form for any engraving details, (if required), and a container for the spoon of ashes. Please return the form and ashes to us at Forever into Glass. Please be advised that due to the nature of each bespoke piece the whole process may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Spirit Paperweight measures 200 x 60mm*, please note that each piece is handcrafted and therefore may differ slightly from the image shown.
*All sizes shown are approximate.



Forever into Glass Spirit Paperweight in Gold
Forever into Glass Spirit Paperweight in Sapphire
Forever into Glass Spirit Paperweight in Emerald
Forever into Glass Turquoise Spirit Paperweight
Forever into Glass Ruby Spirit Paperweight
Forever into Glass Amethyst Spirit Paperweight